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ABC Nightline – IDEO Shopping Cart

In 1998, IDEO bring together a group of experts in different field to come up with an innovation for the shopping cart.

If you watched the video, you easily understand what their concept was all about: safety for kids, modularity while shopping, easy handling and facilitated check-out.

This case demonstrates that innovative solutions to problems of theft and shopping can be developed relatively quickly. Being based on an analysis of the problems, the process appeared fairly clinical and rational. However, David Kelley argues that: “It’s not organised, it’s focused chaos”. It is also about a willingness to take risks or, in his words “Trying stuff and asking for forgiveness”. When evaluating new designs, the designer has to keep asking himself/herself: “What needs should they optimise their solutions to?” This means trailing new ideas in collaboration with colleagues. In Peter Skillman’s opinion: “Enlightened trial and error succeeds over the planning of the lone genius” (designer).

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