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Colgate’s Picking Toothpaste Innovative System

Colgate came up with an innovation for its customers: How to save time choosing the right toothpaste?

On average, one shopper spends 3 minutes and 3 seconds at the oral care shelf but often walk away without purchasing a pack. The question here has arisen: Why is it so hard for shopper to choose a toothpaste?

To fix this problem, Colgate started by listening to shoppers them came up with 2 types of shoppers:

1. Browsers:

  • Have no defined product in mind
  • Look for inspiration and reassurance and value

2. Pre-planners:

  • Know what they want
  • Can’t find it quickly

Both of them share the same problem: “I can’t find the best product for me”.  So Colgate built a quick finder system to fix this problem: starting with ideate, prototype and test it with shoppers and store staffs for feedbacks. The final result was mesmerising.

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