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Design Thinking Process Explained by Animation

An animation that explains how to integrate critical and creative thinking skills into your design process.

Design Thinking Process includes 5 stages: Empathize. Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Empathize highlights the significance of listening to requirements and wants of our customers relative to the particular problem.

Define is the stage where we combine all the insights collected at the time of listening and observing people and then framing the right problem.

Ideate encourages a team approach to brainstorming and come up with as many solutions as possible.

Prototype brings the solutions into vision using many different methods such as: sketching or rapid prototyping.

Test . In this final stage of the process, we test our prototype with the customers so as to monitor the response and deem whether the solution satisfied them or not.

All of the steps are critical and irreplaceable, however they are not stringent with the order to be followed. Instead, design thinking welcomes the multi-dimensionality of a dynamic process and we have the liberty to juggle the stages in a manner that complies with our workflow or turns the thinking process awesome.

Find out more about customer grouping methods at: Sinus Milieu and TNS Digital Lifestyles.

Source: Allison Press



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